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Oak Knoll Woodworking Announces Launch of New Website to Engage with Klamath Falls Homeowners

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Consistency, dependability and professionalism are attributes general contractors look for when hiring a specialty contractor. Finding contractors that are capable can help a general contractor set their plan in motion and move on to the next task.

“I want to be easy to work with,” said Daniel Patrick Donohue, owner of Oak Knoll Woodworking. “I am a make it happen kind of person, I can be flexible to help people out, if they need to add a foot to the wall, or need 3 more weeks, I can warehouse my work until they are ready.”

Oak Knoll Woodworking’s new website, www.okwoodworking.com will give contractors an opportunity to see the quality cabinet construction of Oak Knoll and find a capable and experienced cabinet maker. Their goal is to provide continual service to repeat customers and general contractors.

“From new home construction to remodels, I want to be the go to guy in cabinet making. I believe in building good relationships with general contractors, said Daniel.  Daniel previously owned companies in Sacramento and Portland, but traded them in for the friendly, laid back feel in Klamath Falls.  While his “get it done” work ethic meets fast paced, big city expectations, his friendly, relaxed and positive demeanor, appeal to contractors. “I will make it happen, I will not hold up a contractor’s schedule,” said Daniel.

Some of the services Oak Knoll Woodworking provides includes, kitchen cabinet building and installing, bathroom cabinets and custom entertainment centers.

Kitchen cabinets make up the majority of a kitchen remodeling budget. They are a major investment and should be long lasting. With the weight of heavy plate ware and the repeated use, durability is a key factor in purchasing kitchen cabinets. Oak Knoll Woodworking uses a high quality variety of woods such as, oak, maple, cherry and even exotic woods for a homeowner’s custom kitchen cabinets.

Custom bathroom cabinets provide homeowners an opportunity to tailor cabinets to their specific needs. Every bathroom is a different style and size; bathroom cabinets make a big impact on the style of the bathroom. Whether a homeowner is looking for a vanity cabinet, under sink storage or bathroom shelving, Oak Knoll Woodworking can design cabinets for the functionality and space needed in the bathroom.

Custom entertainment centers, give homeowners exactly what they need instead of spending hours searching for shelving that will fit all their media components. With the variety of electronics on the market today, it can be difficult to find an entertainment center to satisfy a homeowner’s specific needs. Oak Knoll Woodworking can build a unit to fit into a homeowner’s space. They are not limited to entertainment centers, “I have made furniture, chairs, even church pews, we are not limited,” said Daniel.

Oak Knoll Woodworking offers a 1 year warranty on their products. “It is rare that I ever have to go back but for repairs, but I want my customers to have a good feeling when they think about working with me, I don’t want to jeopardize a relationship,” said Daniel.

Check out their new site at www.okwoodworking.com.



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