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Custom Landscape Completes Stunning Landscape and Atrium Project in Bay Area

Many homeowners want that custom, unique landscape that sets them apart from their neighbors. Such was the case in an upscale development in Northern California where everyone’s yard looked the same. A landscape specialist with 37 years of experience, Custom Landscape used their extensive knowledge and expertise to enhance the beauty of the home through […]

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Pat Silvester, LLC Announces Completion of Philadelphia Coffee Shop

Malls can be a source for sensory overload, but one sense tends to be peaked and stand out amongst the rest…that smell. Coffee gives the boost needed to complete a busy day of shopping or for some, or to survive a day of shopping for others. Can there really ever be enough cafés in the […]

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Toby Leary Fine Woodworking Completes Stunning Custom Home

Toby Leary, owner of Toby Leary Fine Woodworking, was working on a custom home in Osterville, Massachusetts, when he got an unexpected visitor.  Ellen Valentgast, a builder of custom homes in the area, wanted to see for herself the kind of work Leary was capable of.  Impressed with his work, she invited him to bid on […]

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